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Grow your best crops every time with Edenic and the power of Bluelab and Autogrow devices. Monitoring, control, alerts and insights allow you to master your craft and truly manage your growing environment from where you like, when you like.

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What's New

Bluelab Guardian Monitor Wi-Fi

Always On. Being There Optional.

Monitor your reservoir pH, Conductivity and Temperature with alerts on your phone when using the Wi-Fi capable Bluelab Guardian Monitor.

The First Bluelab device with a direct connection to Edenic without the need for a Connect Stick and PC. The all new Guardian has everything that has made this product a market leader. Now with a direct connection to Edenic via your Wi-Fi router.

Our mission

Everything we do is to bring you closer to your plants

Our Mission is to bring you closer to you plants, through detecting the things that matter to your plants and presenting this information to you in a brilliantly simple way. We want every crop to be the best possible. We also want you to be close to your plants when you can't be with them by bringing information and control to you. Anywhere. Anytime.

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Realtime Monitoring

Monitor your growing environment 24/7 on your phone, tablet or laptop

  • Monitoring of pH, EC, temperature and more

  • Real-time data and historic reporting

  • View device status, health and connectivity

  • Access from anywhere using mobile app or web app

Edenic Monitor
Edenic Control

Control your growing environment remotely from on-site or overseas

  • Set parameter targets

  • Set alarms for device and telemetry ranges

  • Control pumping and dosing with compatible devices

  • Track all changes made to device settings

  • Track all automation event details including run times

  • Make changes from wherever you are with remote control


Learn from plant data and increase crop performance

  • View real-time and historic reports from every device

  • Visualise device data in graphs and see trends

  • Export data to use in spreadsheets and other reporting tools

  • Create custom reports

Edenic Insights
Edenic Alerts

Respond to alerts in real-time

  • Instant notifications on your smartphone

  • Get alerts on device status

  • Set alarms for high and low ranges


Record important events, tasks and observations in one place.

  • Record all your important information in one easy to use journal

  • Store and view photos and videos of your crops

  • Track all that important compliance data

  • Don't rely on paper and whiteboards. Never lose an important piece of information again

Edenic Insights
Edenic Testimonial
“Edenic has added a lot of extra capabilities that have made things much easier for me and my team. Reporting directly from the app or website is a great feature and being able to control parameters when I am away from the growing environment is awesome. Edenic has really helped with my confidence that everything is going as it should when I am not in the room. In combination with the Pro controller this is a game changer.”

Doug Smith

Director Cultivation Systems, Natura

Compatible Devices

Edenic compatible products from Bluelab and Autogrow

Bluelab Guardian Wi-Fi

Constant indicator of the levels of pH, conductivity and temperature of your nutrient solution. Now directly on your phone with a direct connection to Edenic via Wi-Fi

Bluelab Pro Controller

Bluelab Pro Controller

Bluelab Pro Controller Automated pH & nutrient controller gives you full control of reservoir pH, conductivity & temperature in one place.

Bluelab pH Controller

Bluelab pH Controller Connect

Hands-free monitoring and dosing of solution pH levels. Simple.

Bluelab Guardian Connect

Bluelab Guardian Connect

The Bluelab Guardian Monitor gives a constant indicator of the levels of pH, conductivity and temperature of your nutrient solution.

Autogrow Intellidose
Coming soon

Autogrow IntelliDose

Automatically manage nutrient and pH levels, set remote alarms, control and trigger irrigations with this great all in one controller.

Autogrow IntelliClimate
Coming soon

Autogrow IntelliClimate

IntelliClimate automatically manages all aspects of grow room climate control from temperature to CO2, lighting to humidity, all in one simple controller.

Bluelab Connect

Are you using Bluelab Connect? Then Edenic is for you

Bluelab Connect Cloud is going away soon. Edenic has been created by the same team behind Bluelab Connect - so if you’re a grower who uses Bluelab Connect Cloud we’ve made it simple to transfer your account and get started. You will still need to use Bluelab Connect Desktop as you do now but get the added benefits of Edenic.


Sign up using your Bluelab Connect email

Edenic will identify you as a grower with an existing Bluelab Connect account on your first sign in. Your account will be transferred to Edenic automatically with your permission. You will not need to create a new account. Sign in


Install the latest Edenic compatible version of Bluelab Connect Desktop

Download the latest version of Bluelab Connect from the link below and install this on your PC / edge device with the Bluelab Connect Stick attached. Install the software and sign in using your account details. Bluelab Connect Download


Download the Edenic mobile application from your app store

Download the Edenic app from the relevant app store. Sign in and you are all set to go. Your Bluelab Connect Devices should appear in the application automatically.


Answers to common questions

How do I get started with Edenic?

Great question and we have you covered. See the getting started guide here

Whats the difference between Guardian Wi-Fi and Guardian Connect?

Our latest product Bluelab Guardian Wi-Fi can connect to Edenic directly via your Wi-Fi network. Bluelab connect devices require a Bluelab Connect Stick and Bluelab Connect Desktop to be running on a local computer. Both can get the power of Edenic but Guardian Wi-Fi greatly reduces the time to connection and the friction in setup.

Can I have Wi-Fi devices and Connect devices on the same account?

Yes. You can connect your Bluelab Connect devices via Connect Desktop to the same Edenic account as Wi-Fi devices.

How do i connect my Guardian Wi-Fi to Edenic?

Onboarding a Guardian Wi-Fi is super easy and takes under 5 minutes. See the knowledge base article here. Or follow instructions in Edenic.

What devices work with Edenic?

Any Bluelab Connect Device will work with Edenic including; Bluelab Guardian Wi-Fi, Bluelab Pro Controller, Bluelab pH Controller Connect, Guardian Connect and Guardian Inline Connect. Other than the Guardian Wi-Fi which connects directly, you will still need to have Bluelab Connect Desktop running on a local computer with the connect stick attached. Edenic plugs in to Bluelab Connect Desktop to provide remote services and all the extra features which Edenic provides. More compatible devices will be added soon.

Is Edenic the same as Bluelab Connect?

Edenic is the next generation platform which replaces the Connect Cloud application. If you are using Bluelab connect devices you will still need to have Bluelab Connect Desktop running on a local computer with the connect stick attached.

Whats the difference between a monitor and a controller?

A monitor is a device which has limited to no automation or control options such as a Bluelab Guardian. A controller is a device which provides automation of tasks in the growing environment and can be controlled via Edenic, such as Bluelab pH and Pro Controllers.

Will my historical data from Bluelab Connect Cloud be transferred?

No, if you'd like to keep data from Connect Cloud, we suggest that you download the data. Edenic will record data from the day of installation.

Bluelab Connect Desktop's data logs will still be accessible from your PC if you go through the update process. Data logs will only be removed if you uninstall Connect Desktop.

Is Edenic avaliable in multiple languages?

Yes. Edenic app is avaliable in; English, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Dutch and French. If there are more lanuguages you would like, reach out and let us know.

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