Experiment 1 - Project #moiSteer

AI driven crop steering has arrived!
Soil Moisture data you can use
to optimise your irrigations

Experiment 1 - Project #moiSteer

AI enhanced soil moisture data you can action to optimise irrigations and dry backs

The Problem -  Understanding your plants moisture requirements and optimising irrigations through the crop lifecycle is hard. Moisture sensors provide VWC percentage data (Volumetric Water Content) . But its hard to use this arbitrary number to perfect your irrigation scheme.

The hypothesis - Many growers have invested in soil moisture sensors but the data provided by the system is not easy to understand or useable to make effective change to irrigation timing and volumes. Growers need a simpler representation of the information with an empirical target to aim for when optimising irrigations at any crop stage.

The Solution - We are excited to introduce an AI-driven algorithm that automatically calibrates and normalises data to the maximum water-holding capacity of your plants. This means you can easily see when you have over-irrigated or when you are approaching your optimum dry-back points. To explain this further see the output example here.

The Experiment - We believe the AI enriched moisture data from #moiSteer is a game changer in the battle to optimise irrigations. But we want to know what you think. We want to test our hypothesis before further enhancing the system to fully unlock the power of the algorithm. This would include live integrations with existing sensors and/or deploying our own moisture sensor network. Ultimately converging on fully automated precision irrigation.

How do i get my mositure data Enhanced?


Sign up to Edenic or use your existing account

You will need an Edenic account to get started. Sign in


Open the app, go to the Edenic Experiments section and fill out the #moiSteer form.

The system will ask you for some details about your crop that the algorithm needs to make its calculation. You will also need to provide a file with your existing VWC moisture data from your existing system. You can download the template here


Sit back and relax

We will get to work feeding your information through the algorithm and send a report to your email ASAP. To get a preview of what your going to see in your report click here.

What does it cost?

Get your first report free!

Get your AI enhanced moisture data risk free (max. 1 month of data converted). Subsequent Reports cost $19.99USD

*While we back the data that is produced by the algorithm. Every growing environment is different and therefore changing irrigation schemes should be tested and independently reviewed for effectiveness. Bluelab take no responsibility for any negative outcomes on plant health.